About Tinnitus

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of a constant or recurring sound (ringing, buzzing, ticking, etc.) without an external source. It is described as a “phantom sensation” present only in the person’s mind, but Tinnitus is anything but imagined.

Tinnitus is thought to affect over 250 million people– each individual experiencing a sound that doesn’t go away. It becomes the auditory equivalent of an itch you can never scratch and doesn’t leave, so while the actual sound is not remarkable in any way, the constancy of it brings a great deal of stress to the patient.

How to treat Tinnitus

There is currently no known cure for Tinnitus, but that does not mean there aren’t ways to manage it, and manage it well! The trick is to break up the constant sound with white noise and harmonic tones.

Now that may sound like drowning out the fan by turning on the vacuum cleaner… that hardly seems like an improvement! But the magic comes from the precise selection of those harmonic tones, making them far more than a “band-aid” or “cover-up” solution. It’s a relatively new science but it has already proved it’s mettle with thousands of Tinnitus ex-sufferers.

So while a definitive cure for Tinnitus still lies in the future, the present is not without options. In fact, Tinnitus can be managed so well that for many it no longer causes them any duress. So it may be surprising to you to know that while Tinnitus is manageable, only 50% of those suffering from Tinnitus actually seek any treatment. So what holds them back?

Why do people delay seeking treatment?

Often the greatest barrier to seeking treatment is accepting the diagnosis. For many, seeking help in managing Tinnitus means admitting that there is, indeed, a sound that is stuck in your head and isn’t going away. Fighting that reality, even in vain, can be better than accepting it.

The second greatest reason for people not seeking help is the disbelief that anything can be done. After all, when the proposed solution is adding MORE sound, well, people’s confidence, and hearts, begin to sink.

If you are a Tinnitus sufferer, we strongly recommend a no-obligation one-on-one assessment to discuss options and break through any myths or misgivings you may have.

There is hope for you Tinnitus sufferers out there, but the first step is yours.

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