TV and Phone Adapters

Audio Streamers or Adapters are devices that take audio signals from devices like phones and TVs and send them directly to your hearing aids, proving a direct shortcut for sound to your ears.

Thanks to modern Phone and TV audio adapters, the audio signal from these devices can now be sent directly to your hearing aids. This means:

  • clearer audio from these devices
  • the ability to set your OWN volume, while not affecting the volume for others

Phone Streamers – Removing the whistle

If talking on the makes your hearing aids whistle every time you bring the phone to your ear, try a Phone streamer instead. The phone call audio is routed directly to your hearing aids for crisper, whistle-free sound that greatly improves speech understanding.

Phone streamers can also work as a regular phone for those in the household without hearing aids.

TV Streamers – Everyone with their own volume setting

Perhaps you enjoy watching TV, but at a volume that is too loud for others in your household? A TV streamer would send the TV audio signal to your hearing aids. You can then adjust the volume how you like it by turning up or down your hearing aid volume. Meanwhile, others in the room can set the volume on the TV to their own liking without affecting your volume.